Gardens and Pool

The garden at Pineapple has been designed to create a variety of quiet, shady colourful spaces where you can read, work or relax on the wooden deck chairs, the stone bench or the sun beds and enjoy the view of the pool, the lake or the sunset with your favourite drink. A selection of flowers and shrubs have been chosen which attract birds and butterflies and as an interesting feature, there are nine varieties of ornamental pineapple.
The swimming pool is  12.5 metres long and 1.4 metres deep throughout. It has a unique design being lined with the very attractive local coloured slate which comes in several shades of cream, orange, deep pink, grey and occasionally jade green and it’s non-slip surface makes a perfect path around the pool. We have a resident woodland kingfisher which enjoys daily dips in the pool and a flock of African grey parrots often fly past, whistling and whooping to one another, sounding almost human.
If you enjoy bird watching in our garden you are also likely to enjoy the two hour evening canoe trip on Lake Victoria with the opportunity to see a wider range of birds. Rogers is a knowledgeable boatman and bird guide and he can also organise a morning excursion to Mabamba Swamp where you are very likely to see one of the nine resident shoebill storks.

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