This is the my second visit to the Pineapple and it was just as good as I remember from last October 2022. The staff are amazing and willing to bend over backwards to assist their guests. I have stayed in the cottage twice and can recommend this option if you like your solitude and prefer to be able to make your own meals instead of using the guest house cuisine which incidentally is superb.

I cannot really think of any negative about the guesthouse. Maybe it is too quiet for some people. There is no gym, no amenities you would expect in a hotel but this is a boutique hotel with its own atmosphere and offers a great chance for guests to stress down and just enjoy the beautiful gardens, food and service.

Town is walkable but its better to get a taxi or ask the guesthouse to arrange transport. The swimming pool is cosy and quite private. I guess the Pineapple is more for adults than children but don’t let that put you off.

Rooms are very clean, hot water available all day and good internet access.

If you are thinking of a long weekend in Entebbe or using the town as a base while you explore then try the Pineapple Guest House. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Many thanks to Norah and the team for their care and assistance and to Derrick for his help with transport etc.

A week at Pineapple Guest house, – Keith, Norway, January 2023, Tripadvisor.