Enjoy exploring or being active during your stay with us

Entebbe was the former capital and its previous status is still evident in the layout of the streets and the large villas in their colourful, mature gardens. Several government ministries are still located in Entebbe, notably the National Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Databank and the Uganda Virus Research Institute.

You may prefer to spend a day or two relaxing here before or after your safari or business trip in our garden or by the pool. We offer fresh coffee all day on request, cold drinks are available from the honesty bar and lunch and dinner can be ordered in advance through the meal booking form or at Reception.

Entebbe is on a peninsula so the lake is never very far away.  If you want to explore Entebbe or visit Kampala or Jinja, we have provided information on the following places of interest or things to do.


Eating Out

Goretti’s Pizzeria and Bar has been a long-term favourite of ours. When we lived on the northeast side of Kampala and had an evening flight to catch, we would leave home in the afternoon, avoid the rush hour traffic, and head to Goretti’s for our evening meal enjoying our last view of the lake and…


Further Afield, Kampala and Jinja

Kampala is now less than an hour’s drive on the new Entebbe Kampala expressway, though it is advisable to avoid rush hour traffic in Kampala. There are several sites worth visiting including: The thatched Kasubi Tombs of Baganda kings is a UNESCO heritage site for the burial grounds of four Baganda kings with unique architecture…

art wall

Markets, indoor and outdoor

Many craft stalls can be found opposite both Victoria and Imperial malls selling a wide variety of beaded items, clothing, crafts, carvings, baskets, cloth, and artwork, mostly from Uganda, some from Kenya. Look out for jewellery made from natural materials: raffia, seeds, cow-horn, shells, and glossy magazine paper (cut into triangles, rolled into bead shapes,…

bikes2go on ferry

Full day or half day cycle tour

Bike2go Entebbe hire out bikes, assist you in planning suitable tours or provide guided tours. They will deliver bikes to Pineapple and collect after your hire, but we recommend you visit their location 4km away to select suitable-sized bikes for which we can arrange transport. Bike2go organise various guided tours to suit all abilities, including…


Entebbe Reptile Village

Entebbe Reptile Village is a community project which rescues not only snakes but other reptiles which are often in danger including tortoises, crocodiles, 6ft long monitor lizards, and chameleons. All the reptiles are rescued from the surrounding area and given medical treatment if necessary. When returned back to the wild they are released into a…


The National Botanical Garden

In 1898, the National Botanical Garden was laid out on the shore of Lake Victoria with over 300 tree species. It nurtured  the  first tea tree seedlings from India, in 1923 the beginning of Uganda’s tea industry. It is worth visiting its variety of enormous trees, the sighting of several monkey species and many birds, including…

Feeding the giraffe at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre cares for a collection of African animals in a natural, outdoor setting. Their conservation efforts include rescuing animals whose habitat was being destroyed or from illegal trade. The animals are given medical attention, if required, and an appropriate diet. Individuals that can survive in their natural habitat are released back to…


Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary is either a a 45 min speedboat ride or 90 minute motorized canoe trip across the lake from Entebbe. Full day trips leave at 9am and half day trips at 9am and 12.45pm. You can observe about 40 chimps in a near wild setting. The chimps have been rescued from humans…

Shoebill in Mabamba Swamp, (photo by Sherry McKelvie)

A boat trip to Mabamba Swamp to see the rare shoebill stork.

Enjoy an early morning explorer experience on a canoe trip with Rogers to see the rare shoebill stork in the Mabamba Swamp. We can arrange transport to Banga Beach 2km away where Rogers will meet you with his canoe. A 30 minute ride across the bay takes you to the landing site where you transfer…

sunset cruise 1

Sunset Cruise

A canoe trip on the lake at sunset is a relaxing way to enjoy the lake and to see a variety of birds along the lake shore including the colourful papyrus kingfisher. Rogers, is a skilful boatman and knowledgeable bird guide. He can meet you with his canoe at the jetty by the Banga Beach…