Markets, indoor and outdoor

Many craft stalls can be found opposite both Victoria and Imperial malls selling a wide variety of beaded items, clothing, crafts, carvings, baskets, cloth, and artwork, mostly from Uganda, some from Kenya. Look out for jewellery made from natural materials: raffia, seeds, cow-horn, shells, and glossy magazine paper (cut into triangles, rolled into bead shapes, dyed, varnished, and made into earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. “Reducing Poverty, One Bead at a Time!”.

Kitoora market sells local produce and is well worth a visit. On Tuesdays, the nearby streets host a weekly market.

The Victoria and Imperial shopping malls house a range of shops including a Carrefour supermarket (in Victoria mall) pharmacists, opticians, mobile phone supplies, and restaurants. The craft shop in Victoria mall stays open late, which is convenient but is quite expensive, so it is better value to shop in the outdoor stalls.

A walking tour of Entebbe can include the craft markets, Botanical Gardens, and Uganda Wildlife Education Centre mentioned above.